Friday, July 4, 2014

A Long Over Due Post

The street grid is engraved in my mind, the voices that echo daily as walk down the sidewalk, and knowing the exact minute when the metro is coming; all of it part of the new normal I have created over the past 10 months in Panama. I will say it again, “SORRY!!!” for not updating on a regular base, but there are many stories to tell since my last update.

First, I had the pleasure to go to El Salvador for the synod, which is an assembly of the clergy, of IARCA — or Iglesia Anglicana de la region Central de America. If you have no clue on the structure of the Episcopal Church, here is a glimpse. There are five countries that make up IARCA: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panamá. Each country has a convention, and pass resolutions that are then sent to the synod where they vote on for the whole IARCA. The convention is also where the clergy elect a new Primate Bishop. Below are some of the amazing things that happened through out the week.

Elizabeth (my boss), Rachel and Hannah

All the Bishops from IARCA

Panama Delegation 

Despite living in the Valley almost all my life, I don’t know how I will be able to transition back to the life I left behind in the United States. What if I can’t live in the U.S. anymore? Some days, I don’t want to have to work, or even look for a new job. I’ve been in this crazy, loud, foreign city for months — and sometimes I feel as if I’ve forgotten to really see this city. As the sun sets every night, so many skyscrapers surround me. They light up the sky, dazzle you into believing there are no problems. When I first got here, I was in awe. At first glance, I believed Panama City was more developed that the Rio Grande Valley. Ten months later, I now know the real truth. The skyscrapers that once dazzled me, no longer do so. I can see past the façade. The reality is, I’ve seen how the city works, and I’ve met the people who will make this an All-Star city.

In May, Panama had a day dedicated to the black community, and many activities happen. One activity that happened was a party at my boss’s house. Here are some pictures that awesome day.

Two great friends and fellow teachers Duyna Moran (History and Civics teacher) and Itzel Rodriguez (English Teacher)

My time is rapidly coming to an end in Panama, but I promise that I will have one last update before I return home.

I promise that I will have one last update before I return home.