Monday, July 1, 2013

Two Weeks in the Making

As most of you guys know, I had the pleasure to spend two weeks in New York for orientation. I am not a writer, so here are some pictures that I took. More posts to come.
A waterfall that was encounter by our hiking in stony point.

Our way of what it means to be a missionary.

Dinner in Chinatown.

Nathan's home of the International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Coney Island

This explains everything.

This was stuffed cabbage that was served in a Russian cafe.

The menu

A view of where we stayed.

St. Paul's Chapel

A point where we will never forget.

The alter of St. Peters Catholic Church.

This is the view that woman would see at the Eldridge Street Synagogue.

Had the Pleasure to have Eucharist at Christ Church.

Had a free day in New York. My fellow YASCer had the pleasure to sing at the Park.

Trinity Church on Wall Street.

The "One World Trade Center"

The 9/11 Memorial

The inside of Holy Cross Monastery.

Another shot of the inside of Holy Cross Monastery.

My first New York pizza!

Me with the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Grand Central Station.

My flight going to New York.

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